Close all your opened tabs that you use to compare and track prices. Everything you need can be in one tab! Tracking and comparing prices is now available in one place! Get notified once price changes!

Finding products

Find the product that you want to buy

The first thing you need to do is find the product you’re interested in. It could be literally anything that you can purchase online. It doesn't matter if it is product on or any other online store!


Add it to your discount hunters account

The next step would be to create a account. Creating this account is easy and it is only going to take you a few seconds. Use your email or google account to signup! After you create an account simply copy the link of the product you want and paste it to your tracking dashboard.

Adding product to Discount Hunters
Get notified!

We will let you know when the discount starts

Now all you have to do is set the price point you are willing to pay and you will be notified by e-mail when your product drops to that price. And as most of us check our e-mails daily, you surely won’t miss the discounts we notify you about.

Still don't have an account?

A credit card is not required. You can use it for free. Or, if you like it, you can always opt-out for one of the two paid packages.

You could track up to three products completely for free!
And if you are using Gmail it is one click signup - doesn't take more then 5 seconds.

gogle GOOGLE SIGN UP Continue with Google

By signing up you are agreeing to terms of services.

Watch a tutorial
start tracking discounts in three easy steps


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Become a professional discount hunter?

$0.00 / month

follow up to 3 products


You will need to create an account first.

$5.99 / month

follow up to 100 products


You will need to create an account first.

We offer three different packages. The first one is completely free and you can hunt discounts for up to 3 products. The second package allows you to put in up to 25 links and it is only going to cost you $1.99 per month. And if you are a true shopaholic, choose our biggest package. You can hunt discounts for 100 products for just $5.99 per month. We’ve successfully hunted for discounts for hundreds of products already and products from your wish list can be the next ones if you join us!

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